Is plastic surgery a good thing or bad

“Perhaps, after the plastic surgery a patient looks a bit younger, but just as attractive. However, this does not mean that people have to give up plastic surgery” – this is an opinion of Nathalie from Cheap London Escorts.

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For a long time, she didn’t quite understand the point of Plastic Surgery. More precisely, she understood, but did not accept it, because, in her opinion, cosmetic intervention is so aggressive and harmful scientifically and technically. So, she did not hesitate to reject it and even despise. Plastic surgeons and their patients to her were alien beings, from which we should stay away, they seemed to her as something outlandish that should be taken with some embarrassment, surprise and a good deal of pity.


It was Nathalie’s from Cheap London Escorts opinion before, and it is her opinion today. However, now she looked at the issue a little bit deeper, and she is able to understand it. So she read with interest the news that the American Medical Association Journal (JAMA) «facial plastic surgery” has just published an article in which the authors found that the plastic surgery only allows patients to look younger in the eyes of others. According to experts, 30 patients who were photographed before and after brow and face-lift looked only three years younger. This surgery does not affect the perception of their visual appeal.

Nathalie’s from Cheap London Escorts first reaction (for which she is a little ashamed) was an automatic rejection – an echo of an “expert” attitude, which she developed a long time ago. Without hesitation, she thinks that plastic surgery is a waste of money, which gives no real results. So, is it really to conduct these studies in order to prove it?

Nathalie from Cheap London Escorts understands, that the imperfection of this view is that it does not give a clear idea of what is meant by such terms as “real”, “significant” and even “external appeal”. Eventually, some of the most “beautiful” people among her friends, for the most part are still unhappy with their appearance, so it is more on a psychological level and no plastic surgery can change that.


Instead, Nathalie from Cheap London Escorts gave us a thought: it would be interesting, if scientists gave the conclusion of observers to the patients, depicted in the photographs. She thinks that such feedback would make more accurate conclusions, because, as I suspect, most of those who went to plastic surgery are unlikely to want to look younger and more attractive – they just want to be “themselves”. In addition, we must also take into account the fact that plastic surgery normally should correspond with the desires and aspirations of the ones, who are doing them. In fact, it may be their natural extension.

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